oil and gas

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Mother Nature spills forward in turquoise glaciers.  A lodge hidden deep in the woods glows over the water at nightfall.  Sled dogs race across an unforgiving tundra.  The cool, sleek lines of an architectural wonder shine on a bright day.   Mountains rise majestically above the mist.  An oil rig castle commands the ice.  The sunset awes in lavender.  A polar bear and her two cubs come out of hiding.  Smiling shyly, Eskimo boys huddle together on a sled. 

“For 30 years, I’ve had an excellent experience engaging Flavin Photography on a variety of assignments.  Frank has a knack for capturing an honest portrayal of whatever he’s shooting.  Whether it’s architecture, food photography, tourists on a river rafting adventure, or a moose in the woods, his images are true to life.  Frank simply delivers the best finished product.” – Tourism Senior Marketing Manager

Locally owned and internationally recognized, Flavin Photography captures the essence and emotion of such memorable slices of life.  Images that make an impression and create an impact.