“I could be tackling an assignment for an individual or a company, or about an experience or a product.  But it’s always personal.”  --Frank Flavin

Do you run a travel business?  Does your magazine need one-of-a-kind images?  Are you looking for the perfect location for your new film?  Is it time for aerial footage that sweeps down a river, through a valley, around a mountain range, or over wildlife in migration?  Does your new architectural feat need to show off?  Are your family gatherings few and far between?  Do your customers REALLY need to see what you’re doing, know what you’re about, and just how you can make their lives better?

How can the world feel and experience your creation, your publication, your product, or your destinations in the best light?

From the water, on the ground, in the air, Flavin Photography’s assignments have included a pope and presidents; native elders and jazz musicians; architecture and art; commanding vistas, landmark destinations and rare wildlife; and memorable portraits of high-profile individuals.  Accomplished and award-winning, Frank’s specialties also include location scouting and still photography on film sets.